Water Kimchi

Ingredients and Equipment to make 1L

A small casserole for preparing the brine
A one liter jar for the ferments
1 tsp rice flour,
500 ml water,
1tsp salt
1tsp vinegar
To flavor the brine: add 1 tbsp sliced ginger, 1 garlic clove sliced, 1/2 apple diced other spices to taste.

Substrate: 400 g  of vegetables. (use vegetables seasonally available locally)


1. Prepare the brine. Mix the water, rice flour + salt and bring to a boil. Reserve to Cool down.
2. In the meantime, cut the vegetables, rub them with salt and leave them exposed to the salt for 20 minutes. Rinse with water to remove the salt.
3. Once the brine has cooled down, add the flavor components to it.
4. Insert the vegetables in the 1L jar and add the brine.
5. Add weights or ensure that the vegetables are immersed in the water. to avoid mold development if they are in contact with air.
6. Cover the jar with paper towel or coffee filter and rubber band and leave to ferment in a warm dark space in your kitchen. live it to ferment for 2 days.
7. Taste and if is at the desirable taste, seal and refrigerate.