fermentation, health, food

Season Jars – Food Preservation Project

Is a student-led Concordia Food Coalition working group that aims to promote year-round consumption of local, organic and seasonal produce through public education and collective food preservation.

We offer three workshops series per year: Summer, Fall and Winter, they are an experiential and multidisciplinary collective learning experience. Each session lasts a season (summer, fall or winter) and will consist of 2 workshops per month. Our series will cover the history and cultural heritage of food preservation, the health benefits of some preservation techniques, the biochemistry of food preservation as well as the socio-economic, environmental and food security implications of preserving local seasonal food.

Each workshop includes a collective kitchen, where participants collaboratively apply their theoretical knowledge to transform local, organic and seasonal produce into delicious recipes to take home.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

Theoretical understanding of the science behind fermentation

Develop practical skills

Awareness of the health benefits of eating fermented foods

Develop creative skills (recipe development and flavor development)

The potential of preservation in reducing food wastage

Awareness of the local produce available in every season

Understanding of fermentation in different cultures

Creating a sharing community around food transformation